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*LpD* is a fashion brand of many styles because women themselves are this way:

kaleidoscopes of ideas, desires and feelings.

Fashion is our way to comunicate our personality and feelings,

and the way to feel always in touch with them.

For this reason I love to create and to experiment, to change style,

to look for new ways to represent the whirl of ideas and emotions that I feel.

My efforts are all aimed in exalting at best the elegance and feminine that every woman has got,

this is my first purpose.

At the end, all I really wish is to give a moment of happiness and euphoria

to who will choose to wear my works!


Nevery Lorakeet *LpD*


*LpD* Mainstore – Clothes, Shoes, Accessories

*LpD* Skins Mainstore – Skins, MakeUp, Lashes


Find us on Marketplace


*LpD* on Flickr

*LpD* on Twitter: @NeveLora

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  1. Rose permalink
    24/07/2014 3:20 PM

    Dear Neve,

    I love your Rose Vintage skin, I would however wonder if a cleavage piece could be added, a makeup enhance the cleavage area a bit, I love my skin, it is my signature piece. You make beautiful pieces…bless you ~ Rose @};~

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