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*Hairy Sheep* Skirts



Details (from right to left):


Hairs: 21-=platinum04= By YunA’sHAIR – Odette – fudge By Truth

Skins: *Laetitia* Natural and Black Orchid By *LpD*

Jacket: *Posh Soldier* Jacket Smoke By *LpD*

Shirt: *ArtDeco* Shirt Cappuccino By *LpD*

Skirts (new): *Hairy Sheep* Skirts Beige and Black By *LpD*

Socks: Socks Mit Suspenders – Grey Sock By Pig

Shoes: Sonata Scrunched Boots Striped Brown and Green By *Dilly Dolls*

Bag: *The chic Snake* Bag Orange By *LpD*

Monocle By Nala

Poses By *PiS*


The new *Hairy Sheep* Skirts are available in three tones:  Beige, Black and Cream


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