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The *Posh Soldier*


Details (From left to right):


Hairs: Aiyana – toffee By Truth – Fresh – Blonde 01 By [elikatira]

Skins: *Melania Black (No frekles) – *Quanita* Natural (No frekles) By *LpD*

Make up: (only the 2nd outfit) Black eyeshadow and black eyeliner (group gift) By *LpD*

Hand Accessories: MATA VII Hand_dress By *Solidea Folies*

T-shirt: *Simple* T-shirt Gray – *ArtDecO* Cappuccino By *LpD*

Jackets (New): *Posh Soldier* Smoke and Olive By *LpD*

Pants: *ArtDecO* Jeans Ace By *LpD* – Shoreline Coffee By &Bean

Shoes: Assassin boots Gray By lassitude & ennui – Girls’ Biker Boots Sand By Red Grave

Poses By *PiS*


New *Posh Soldier* Jackets are available in three tones:





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